Model Dari Exclusive Interview with Assiko Media House



Model Dari Exclusive Interview with Assiko Media House.

Model: Dari

Brand/Company: Assiko Media House

Year: 2020


Assiko Media House presents to you Model Dari!

In this exclusive chat with upcoming model, Dari, she gets personal as she shares what choosing her career cost.

She speaks:

  • While many people can point to specific things, events or persons as being responsible to spark up their passions for going into a particular career, mine  can only describe as a case of calling. My passion to become a model has to be my call, else there’s no other explanation I can give for how I was able to scale through things that could have stopped me from the very onset.
  • The saying is true that you must defeat the bees before accessing the honey.First is myself. I had to work on my self-esteem in order to surmount the popular notion that models have to be tall, skinny and bla bla.My response was an intentional one, I enrolled for several classes mostly online, where I was able to find out the different kind of modeling.
  • My biggest challenge so far was my parents response. My parents expectation in summary was go to school, lead a good career, marry a good man and make babies.When I confronted my father with my decision to become a model, he was really furious, he couldn’t imagine it, he even described it as devil’s thing.My mum was rather passive but like a typical African wife, her loyalty was to her husband. At this point, I was left alone, risking being disowned by my dad.Deep inside me, I believe my daddy would not disown me for anything, so, I took this high risk.
  • Compare to my vision, I haven’t really started, but I have no doubt that every step is taking me closer to stardom. With an agent company like “Asikko Media House”, I have confidence of a sweet story all the way.

My sincere words of encouragement to everyone burning with a passion, never be afraid to fail, instead fear not trying. If you have anything you are burning to do, get up and do it. For life isn’t going to change for you, you are the one who needs to adjust. I love you all.

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